Daniel Caesar: CASE STUDY 01

Daniel Caesar has always brought a mellower sound to soul and r&b. Caesar saw big success through  Freudian and its slow moving melodies and entrancing sounds. Freudian gave Caesar’s music a definition with its appreciable vocalizations and corn soup for the soul vibes.

CASE STUDY 01 brings back the classic Daniel Caesar with a new spice thrown in the mix. Caesar brings along a slightly more rhythmic side to his sound, with faster moving songs and a greater outline to his rhyme scheme. With The higher tempo and rhythmic sound, Daniel Caesar crosses the boundary from soul into alt pop. We see songs such as LOVE AGAIN bring back the slower soul from Caesar, but songs like FRONTAL LOBE MUZIK focus slightly more on musicality than vocalizations.

Of course with Freudian, one could expect CASE STUDY 01 to further extend Caesars musicality. As an incredible vocalist, Caesar takes the hearts of his listeners with his voice, but while we see CASE STUDY 01 bring in collaborations with Pharrell Williams and John Mayer, I want to see more electric guitar and bass in the back of Caesar’s singing. I think this was almost fulfilled but it could use more rhythms to accompany Caesar’s voice in order for Caesar to avoid making his songs too similar and repetitive.

All things considered, CASE STUDY 01 definitely differs itself from Freudian. It is a great listen, encompassing new sounds with classic vocals. It brings in a lot more sounds and creates an r&b vibe that hasn’t been seen before. I would recommend CASE STUDY 01 over Freudian for its new sound and passionate vibes. With personal top songs of CYANIDE and FRONTAL LOBE MUZIK, I think CASE STUDY 01 brought Caesar to a better sound.

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