What is Death Grips?

Inspired by Fitz.

A Hip-Hop group? A heavy metal alternative? An experimental rap? I have no clue. Death Grips, a modern day experimental hip-hop/heavy metal group, breaks the boundary of what is expected in rap today. Some listeners look at Death Grips as unorganized noise, but a closer look can show their creativity and how well-crafted the music is.

Image result for puff daddy jpegmafia
JPEGMAFIA’s Puff Daddy

The style is carefully calculated madness. Much like the heavy metal movement of the ’70s, this experimental rap genre has spawned a new culture. The music uses unnatural, ethereal sounds to contrast its fast rhythms and to produce a wild, spontaneous sound. The art of the music comes from the creativity in how it is performed. The parts of the song where it speeds up, the pace makes you feel exhilarated. Where the music gets louder, there is more emphasis on the lyrics and their meaning.

Image result for Danny brown album
Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition

The experimental rap and heavy metal hip-hop, heard in the songs of Death Grips, has created a new culture with similar artists like Danny Brown, JPEGMAFIA, and BROCKHAMPTON all following this trend. This is the type of music to get hype to or to blast in the car driving downtown with the windows down. The lyrics contrast the madness in the music.

I believe that everybody should stray from comfortable genres. Listening to the same genre over and over gets repetitive and the value of that music drops. While I think the musical quality of these new artists and their music is not the best, the stylistic creativity, and the new culture that comes along, give this genre culture. Listen to this music and find a different way to discover sound.

Follow the playlist, Experimental Hip-Hop. Username: nerdyfitzy.

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