Modern Age Reggae

Reggae has come from the musical beat originated in the Carribean Islands. It is an upbeat, light feel and provides a danceable tune to bob your head to. The beat is followed by singing, or sometimes rapping, about carefree or joyous topics. Reggae is a type of music that fills the space and gets everybody in the room to jam along. What I like about reggae is how it is one of the least constricting genres based on the styles of music it uses and the instruments it encompasses.

Image result for bob marley
Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Legend

Reggae has turned into a rhythmic style of beat rather than a genre. All genres of music can encompass Reggae-like patterns and create the same, jammable vibe. Two aspects of the Reggae vibe have split into two completely new styles of music. One style, using the emphasis on alternating off beats, brings the notorious sound. This classic style is defined as reggae but ranges from pop to rap and includes all types of vibes with that specific beat. It has turned in to an all-genre inclusive genre. Modern reggae also comes from the lighthearted, bright vibe it has. Reggae is known for its sunny lyrics and carefree feel. Songs to smoke to on a summers day at the beach. This type of reggae, irrespective of the beat, brings along calmness.

Unfortunately, there are very few new reggae artists. Reggae hasn’t fallen as a genre but rather been incorporated into many different genres. Artists in all genres of music make reggae songs because the lines that separate reggae from those other genres are thin. All music uses reggae, whether it is the rap music you listen to in the car or the EDM you dance to, you can always find reggae beats or the carefree vibes everywhere you look.

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