A New Age in Electric Blues

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Nina Simone

From the bluesy rock of the 50s and 60s to the funk movement of the 70s, a sound, unlike any other, rang in the ears of keene listeners. The incredible and wild vocalizations and the mellow trumpets combined with piano riffs began the musical creativity that spiraled into the songs we listen to today. Incredible artists such as, Nina Simone, Etta James, B.B. King, just to name a few, brought the groovy sound and introduced the electric guitar, a match made in heaven. With this new sound, a new culture was created. The fundamentals of our musical culture, initiated by these geniuses, made a mark for African-American artists worldwide.

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Etta James

So with music’s evolution, songs adapted new instruments and synthesizers. The spectrum of unique music we can create is so large that songs are becoming more and more distinct with newer sounds. with these new capabilities, we find the electric blues of this age. A new vibe where soul meets blues and one can lose themselves while the bass engulfs their ears on a musical journey. Old and new, blues is the type of music where you have to stop what you’re doing, grab your best headphones, sit in a comfy chair, close your eyes, and listen. The music is unique, it’s warm, and it’s juicy. It’s a culture, it’s a vibe. It is music at it’s truest essence.

Image result for b. b. king
B. B. King

Nobody can ever match the creativity and ingenuity of the old blues singers, but this new sound definitely recreates that feeling of warmth in music. Artists like Raveena, Sonder, June Marieezy, Brent Faiyaz, FKJ, and Mac Ayres introduce a new type of blues, an ingenious recreation of the bluesy vibe. This new sound lacks the raw instrumentalism of brass, however, uses new, synthesized instruments to invent this new feel.

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Donny Hathaway

The culture, the sound, it’s all unique, it’s all real music. The new sound is perfect for those of you who want to listen to music to go on a journey, find your new sound, and stray from the cookie-cutter pop hits that play on your local radio station. I highly suggest going onto your nearest music playing software, playing a radio station for one of the artists above, and spending maybe an hour thoroughly listening to every song that comes along. Trust me, it will be time worth spending.

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