The Love Below and IGOR

Tyler, the Creator: the musical pioneer. Building character, trying new sounds, dipping his toes in a variety of music production from rap to jazz to soul, there are few able to match Tyler’s creativity and ability to entertain such a wide audience. Starting from the times of the OFWGKTA, when Tyler’s music was considered cultish, … Continue reading The Love Below and IGOR

Daquan Mebane and the Influence of Kendrick Lamar

Daquan Mebane Daquan Mebane, a hidden gem on the rap stage, just dropped his new album, "Tales From da Sinner," a musical masterpiece. Every song in the playlist has less than 1000 plays on Spotify, a number that does not justify the quality of this album. This album brings mellow backbeats to poetic verses talking … Continue reading Daquan Mebane and the Influence of Kendrick Lamar